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Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a common and serious medical condition that causes a multitude of negative health problems and drastically decreases the quality of life. This disorder causes you to stop breathing during sleep and limits the amount of oxygen that reaches your lungs. It also inhibits your body’s ability to get into the most important REM and deep stages of sleep that allows your mind and body to repair itself. Many people try to adapt and deal with the consequences of their untreated sleep apneas, while 80-90% of patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea remain undiagnosed. Sleep apnea doesn’t improve itself without treatment. In fact, sleep apnea is a progressive disease that gets worse over time if the root cause of the sleep apnea isn’t addressed. 
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Seasonal allergies are often considered to be a normal part of life that can only be treated with a daily pill, shots, or nose spray. Many times, though, seasonal allergies are a result of improper breathing. Proper breathing is through the nose, which filters and humidifies the air you are breathing in.  This filtration process protects your respiratory system, decreasing and preventing airway and lung inflammation, ultimately decreasing the incidents of allergies. 

Asthma is another symptom of poor nasal breathing. Both adults and children experience asthma, or a form of exercise-induced asthma. Without the filtered air through the nose, the lungs become inflamed which makes breathing difficult, and often results in the diagnosis of asthma.  


For the first few years of childhood, bedwetting can be a normal and common occurrence. But, what if it continues beyond that? If the problem persists after about age 6, it could be caused by sleep disordered breathing.

Sleep-disordered breathing makes it harder for a child to achieve deep sleep. During deep sleep, the body produces a hormone that decreases bladder production. If this hormone isn’t produced the body continues to produce urine, making the need to urinate greater and may result in bedwetting.

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The most common treatment for crowded and crooked teeth is realignment devices, such as braces or clear alignment trays. However, sometimes the issue goes beyond the teeth and is actually the result of underdeveloped jaws. 

When the jaws are not fully developed, there is generally insufficient space for all 32 adult teeth, causing the teeth to crowd and become misaligned. It is common practice to remove the wisdom teeth and sometimes the bicuspids to make room for the remaining teeth.  The orthodontic devices then align the teeth, typically pushing them back towards the airway. 


Sleep is a very important component of your body’s natural process to lower its blood pressure. During the deep phases of sleep, the body receives a reset to the cardiovascular system, which in turn lowers your blood pressure, as well as your heart rate. 

Sleep apnea is caused by an obstructed airway which causes you to stop breathing while sleeping.  In response, your brain tells your body to wake up so you will start breathing again.  Most people who suffer from sleep apnea experience several apneic episodes per hour throughout the night, causing you to wake frequently and prevents adequate rest and reboot. 

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Your child’s hyperactivity and inability to focus might be a direct result of their lack of quality sleep.  Contrary to what parents think a tired child’s behavior would be: lethargic and a lack of energy, they actually become hyper when they are very tired. 

When a child does not have restful, deep sleep every night, it begins to accumulate, and the hyperactive behavior often becomes a regular behavior. 


Temporomandibular disorders are disorders that can develop as a result of improper occlusion between the teeth and jaw, and all the muscles surrounding the jaw in that section of the face. These disorders can include teeth grinding, facial area inflammation, jaws which get stuck, and clicking or popping sounds. People afflicted by TMD may find it difficult to chew or feel pain and discomfort when doing so.

The connection between obstructive sleep apnea and TMD is becoming more and more apparent, as the epidemic of misaligned jaws and dental occlusions increase. It has been determined that neither of these conditions occurred prior to the Industrial Revolution.  

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Snoring occurs when a “partial” obstruction, or a constriction of the airway, causes the air you are breathing to become turbulent. That turbulence creates vibration of tissues in the nose or throat that we hear as snoring. The deeper stages of sleep often result in more relaxed tissues that surround the airway, which can increase snoring and potentially create obstructive sleep apnea. 


Sleep apnea and the lack of restful sleep have a direct link to weight gain, obesity and the inability to lose weight.   

When your body does not receive the rest it needs, it increases the production of Ghrelin, which is the hormone that makes you feel hungry.  Your body also produces less Leptin, which is the hormone that makes you feel satiated. So your hormones are telling your body it is hungry and never satiated, causing you to eat more than you might typically eat.

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