Haley E.
Dr. Erlander took the time to hear my concerns and thoroughly addressed my questions. He walked me through a plan of action/options and explained his reasoning behind it. I didn't feel rushed during my visit and was confident in his expertise. My whole experience with the Breathing and Sleep Center from the front desk with Chrissy and Brandi to Dr. Erlander was nothing but a positive one. They genuinely care about your well-being and will take the time to understand your situation. Highly recommend!!!
Mark C.
The place was very clean! The doctor, and the staff were very friendly and personable, educational, and informative! You can really tell that they care about people, and love what they do!
Jon U.
Our kids are seeing Dr. Goles and his team and we are absolutely thrilled with the results we are getting. We have been working with the Breathing and Sleep Center since August and it is amazing to see how fast these little mouths can adapt and grow the way they are supposed to! The whole team is so kind and helpful and GREAT with kids! Thank you Dr. Goles and staff!
Chris H.
My wife, Destiny, was struggling with sleep apnea and the CPAP mask was really hard for her to use. We started looking for alternatives to the mask and found Dr. Goles and his amazing staff. I called them in desperation trying to find her help and they put us on a cancellation list and thankfully they called us back that day for a appointment within a few days. They have been amazing from the first time that we visited the office and the care has been beyond amazing! We were offered treatment with the Vivos and Nightlase, which has already helped her so much. We are now moving in a much better direction because of Dr. Goles and his suggestions. We are very thankful that God put Dr. Goles and his team in our lives. Each time we visit the office we feel that they truly care about her and our family. They all truly care about their patients and show great compassion. We would suggest Breathing and Sleep Center to anyone and know that they would be given the best care!
Clayton L.
Great service and awesome hockey talk!
Wyatt G.
If you are looking for a sleep clinic, this is the one to go to! This office will provide you with the highest quality of care, you can really tell that all the staff genuinely care about your health and want the best outcomes for you. Dr. Erlander is amazing. Everyone at this office is delightful and they really take the time to make sure you understand everything and have explored all options available to you. Brandi went above and beyond to help us figure out financing. Chrissy always provides top notch customer service and works appointments around our schedules. Gina does a fantastic job of keeping things running efficiently and smoothly, and was very accommodating of my wife’s medical anxiety. 10/10, I cannot recommend them high enough!
Jan W.
Absolutely pleased with Dr Goles and the entire staff. I have had my appliance for almost 2 years and the results are amazing.
Peter L.
The team @ Hollowbrook Breathing and sleep Center are fantastic! They are always friendly, always on top of scheduling and following up with patients.The members of the billing and finance team know the ins and outs of dealing with lenders and with insurance companies.They were very transparent and were strong advocates for me in ensuring the insurance company reimbursed the right amount.
Jeff and Amy W.
The Breathing and Sleep Center staff and doctors are awesome! Through their expertise they basically helped me eliminate my sleep apnea and now I'm sleeping better and am feeling much less anxious. THANKS!!!!
Jennifer A.
Clifton J. (LNG-CSP) P.
RESULTS. That is what you'll get at the Breathing and Sleep Center.Any review really comes down to that and I can wholeheartedly endorse the Breathing and Sleep Center as a great place to go for help.I sought them out for help with my snoring, something that has plagued me for years. When I read about the Nightlase treatment, I thought it was worth looking into and went for the free consultation. That consultation was provided by Dr. Goles and was done very professionally and thoroughly. Despite being free, it was not rushed at all - the doctor provided a lot of good information and took time to answer all of my many questions patiently and to my satisfaction. I was given a number of options with a good understanding of the pros and cons of each.From there, I decided to pursue the Nightlase treatment. There was absolutely no pressure from anyone for me to do this and that was much appreciated.The results have been very good. My snoring is greatly reduced and my wife, the one who has suffered the most, is very happy.Every time I went for an appointment, I felt welcome. Gina, Tammy, and Dr. Goles were all efficient, professional, very skilled, and on top of all that, some of the nicest people you could ever meet.I should also note that I never had to wait long at my appointments - the staff was excellent at getting my treatments started on time. No sitting around looking at my watch wondering what is keeping them (a problem at many other doctor’s offices I have been to).All in all, I have nothing but positive things to say for the good folks at the Breathing and Sleep Center. They are a wonderful group doing great and effective work. I am glad I found them.
John C.
I think everyone that has any sleep issues should come in for a consultation. You’ll learn why it’s so important to address the issue at its root, and also how impactful sleep or lack there of can be to your life
Tyler P.
Trailblazers! Huge thank you to Kevin Goles and the staff at the center — on top of reversing my sleep apnea using their cutting edge technology, they have been so thoughtful, proactive, and always bring a smile. After just a few months of laser therapy, I eliminated using my CPAP! In another half year, I expect to eliminate EVER needing laser, CPAP, or other therapy when we finish growing my underdeveloped upper jaw, permanently expanding my airway using Vivos. As a professional pilot, with the need to ensure good sleep and fly safe, my life has become a LOT easier. Thank you to the whole team!
Walter C.
Christopher C.
Caitlin C.
The Breathing and Sleep Center is wonderful! The staff is always friendly, incredibly accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable. The Center is always looking for better ways to help people and solve any issues that come up for patients. The doctors are absolutely amazing in their patient care and knowledge in their fields. Thank you Breathing and Sleep Center for helping my TMJ, sleep quality, and overall health. I am so grateful for the kind care and assistance from all of you!
Mitchell B.
As always, staff was very friendly and helpful!
Elizabeth K.
My five year old had a great experience at the breathing and sleep center. The staff were friendly and professional. They helped my son feel at ease with the whole evaluation process. Dr. Goles was thorough in his evaluation and clearly explained the science behind their treatment approach. Thank you to everyone who made this process easy for my little guy. We look forward to working with you.
A% M.
Dr. Goles and his staff are very professional, yet warm and welcoming. Dr. Goles is very thorough in explaining the work he does, the etiology and impact of the issues he treats. Our family appreciates his kindness and attention to detail with our daughter. I just wish we would have known sooner about the work he does with dental sleep medicine.
Heather C.
I am grateful for the kind and compassionate care I receive each visit to the Breathing and Sleep Center. Together we’re making progress in improving my airway! Every member of the team is top notch!
Bill B.
Way better than having an intimate relationship with a Cpap machine!!
diane R.
Very user friendly with great, knowledgeable explanation of how things work! Simple “get started” ideas and explanation of full menu of options for treatments!
Deb C.
Super great Doctors and technology have helped me to feel so much better in just a few months of greatly improved sleep!!
Tim S.
Rebecca H.
I’m not one of their easier cases. HollowBrook Sleep Center is an exceptional office of dedicated professionals and staff. They are amazingly kind and patient. They are quick to remedy any problem. I highly recommend them.
Jeff F.
Nicole J.
Dr Erlander and his staff truly go above and beyond in helping their patients! From the moment you walk into their offices you know you are somewhere special! The doctors actually listen! Y'all they sit down with you for a free hour consultation and they LISTEN!!! I have been to so many doctors who think they know what the problem is before you even finish answering a single question so they just stop listening. This was NOT Dr Erlander! He sat back, took notes, asked questions, and listened. It was refreshing!Their state-of-the-art technology allows them to discover and treat problems other offices cannot. I have SEVERE TMJ issues I am awaiting surgery to correct (bone on bone inside of the right joint) that causes me an unimaginable amount of pain. Earlier this summer I entered their office with an opening of only 10 mm and so much pain I could barely function. They used one of their lasers on my joints and within the first 5 visits I was already feeling a significant reduction in pain. With continued visits my opening increased back to its max availability.I initially visited the office to check for possible sleep disturbances that might be increasing my pain. I sleep fine but instead of telling me "Good luck with all of that!" Dr Erlander found a way he could help. And help he has!!! I cannot say enough amazing things about the doctors and their staff at the Breathing and Sleep Center! Go there- you will not regret it!!!
James F.
The staff at this center are excellent and the procedure they have done for me has fixed my sleeping problems for good.
Ryien I.
This office is absolutely incredible! Dr. Smith is so personable, incredibly intelligent, and genuinely cares.
Tony A.
Friendly staff and very knowledgeable of TBI concussion symptoms and how to deal with them.
John M.
Ever since I became a patient here, I knew I was in good hands. I have mostly been seen by Dr. Erlander but also on occasion by Dr. Smith. They've been very kind, honest and professional in all aspects of my care. They have the most advanced equipment and keep up with the latest advances in the field. Also the staff has really been great to work with as well including Tami H., Jennifer R., Alexa R., Jennifer Q., & Sheila Z. Although I travel from the southside of Pueblo (about an hour drive) it's well worth the trip to get this type of care. Now I know why everyone gives a five star rating. Keep up the good work. I look forward to my future care with you. God bless all of you! Sincerely, John Moorcroft
Beth K.
Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Not high pressure and willing to work with my current oral dental appliance
Laurie L.
I am so thrilled to be working with the people at the Breathing and Sleep center. I went to Dr. Ehrlander about my TMJ and learned about the connection to sleep apnea. After a screening and sleep study I did indeed have sleep apnea. I began my treatment with the VIVOS appliance in September and the early results have been incredible. Within a few weeks the "stuffy" nose that I have had for years disappeared. Each turn of the device opened up my sinuses even more. My snoring has almost disappeared (according to my hubby.) I am so grateful for the whole team at the Breathing and Sleep Center. With the VIVOS appliance they can cure my sleep apnea and I will not be tied to a CPap machine for life!
Jim D.
So far so good. Dr. Goles’ office is excellent, and they are addressing sleep difficulties like snoring with a genuine cure, not just treating symptoms. This treatment is not yet well known but important and so far I’ve found effective. There’s more time required for me still but I know enough now to say you have to try this, and these folks know what they’re doing.
I highly recommend the Breathing and Sleep Center. After attending a patient education meeting that they held at the office, I was blown away by the symptoms that are tied in with sleep and breathing disorders.. one being bed wetting! I was amazed to hear that the Vivos appliance can stop my son's bed wetting, as well as expand his airway. I took my son in for an evaluation and was very happy with the service I received. Dr. Goles, Dr. Erlander and Dr. Smith are an excellent group of dentists who know their stuff.
Gordon S.
My initial sleep evaluation and setup by Dr. Lee Smith were exceptional. Complete and thorough attention to detail to my needs and concerns. Excellent Q&A session about the dental appliance for sleep care and apnea. I've been on the program for 2 months now and I am seeing improvements. If you need assistance in sleep care and sleep breathing, see Dr. Lee Smith.
Dan B.
I have been in all the changes of technology (data centers (cloud technology) and data/telecommunications) over the past 50 years. I am in the Autumn of my life and am placing my faith in the skills God has placed into the hands and hearts of those at Breathing & Sleep Center of Colorado Springs. They are the most educated men and women I have found in Colorado. I trust they will make my life better.
Gary F.
My experience was marvelous! As it turns out my difficulty could be resolved with only relatively simple treatments. Because Dr. Erlander will analyze and diagnose each patient individually (for free by the way), he can tell what is actually needed instead of automatically treating each patient with the same approach. I have recommended the Breathing and Sleep center to several of my friends who have problems with sleep apnea and hate the C-Pap machine. My granddaughter is also looking into this, so it is great for any age person (from 5 to 72 at least.)Gary
Leslie S.
Helping me sleep and feel so much better after every single appointment! The most advanced technology I've ever seen.
Keith H.
Dr. Erlander, Dr. Smith and staff are true professionals. Easy to work with very knowledgeable and they use only the best state-of-the-art Equipment. They have your best interest in mind at all times. I Highly recommend the Breathing and Sleep Center. Top-notch.

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