Dr. Erlander and his staff truly go above and beyond in helping their patients! From the moment you walk into their offices you know you are somewhere special. The doctors actually listen! Y’all they sit down with you for a free hour consultation and they LISTEN!!! I have been to so many doctors who think they know what the problem is before you even finish answering a single question so they just stop listening. This was NOT Dr. Erlander! He sat back, took notes, asked questions, and listened. It was refreshing! Their state-of-the-art technology allows them to discover and treat problems other offices cannot. I have SEVERE TMJ issues, I am awaiting surgery to correct (bone on bone inside of the right joint) that causes me an unimaginable amount of pain. Earlier this summer I entered their office with an opening of only 10 mm and so much pain I could barely function. They used one of their lasers on my joints and within the first 5 visits I was already feeling a significant reduction in pain. With continued visits my opening increased back to its max availability. I initially visited the office to check for possible sleep disturbances that might be increasing my pain. I sleep fine but instead of telling me “Good luck with all of that!” Dr. Erlander found a way he could help. And helped he has!!! I cannot say enough amazing things about the doctors and their staff at the Breathing and Sleep Center! Go there- you will not regret it!!!

Nicole J.

The staff at this center are excellent and the procedure they have done for me has fixed my sleeping problems for good.

James F.

Super great Doctors and technology have helped me to feel so much better in just a few months of greatly improved sleep!!

Deb C.

This office is absolutely incredible! Dr. Smith is so personable, incredibly intelligent, and genuinely cares.

Ryien I.

Ever since I became a patient here, I knew I was in good hands. I have mostly been seen by Dr. Erlander but also on occasion by Dr. Smith. They’ve been very kind, honest and professional in all aspects of my care. They have the most advanced equipment and keep up with the latest advances in the field. Also the staff has really been great to work with as well including Tami H., Jennifer R., Alexa R., Jennifer Q., & Sheila Z. Although I travel from the south-side of Pueblo (about an hour drive) it’s well worth the trip to get this type of care. Now I know why everyone gives a five star rating. Keep up the good work. I look forward to my future care with you. God bless all of you! 

John M.

I am so thrilled to be working with the people at the Breathing and Sleep center. I went to Dr. Erlander about my TMJ and learned about the connection to sleep apnea. After a screening and sleep study I did indeed have sleep apnea. I began my treatment with the VIVOS appliance in September and the early results have been incredible. Within a few weeks the “stuffy” nose that I have had for years disappeared. Each turn of the device opened up my sinuses even more. My snoring has almost disappeared (according to my hubby). I am so grateful for the whole team at the Breathing and Sleep Center. With the VIVOS appliance they can cure my sleep apnea and I will not be tied to a C-Pap machine for life!

Laura L.

I highly recommend the Breathing and Sleep Center. After attending a patient education meeting that they held at the office, I was blown away by the symptoms that are tied in with sleep and breathing disorders.. one being bed wetting! I was amazed to hear that the Vivos appliance can stop my son’s bed wetting, as well as expand his airway. I took my son in for an evaluation and was very happy with the service I received. Dr. Goles, Dr. Erlander and Dr. Smith are an excellent group of dentists who know their stuff.

Raynor N.

10+++++ I receive excellent care here for my sleep and breathing issues. Highly recommend!!!!

Mary S.

Exceptional Sleep Center.  My initial sleep evaluation and setup by Dr. Lee Smith were exceptional. Complete and thorough attention to detail to my needs and concerns. Excellent Q&A session about the dental appliance for sleep care and apnea. I’ve been on the program for 2 months now and I am seeing improvements. If you need assistance in sleep care and sleep breathing, see Dr. Lee Smith. 

Gordon S.

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