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Robert B.
Best doctor visit of my life. If your primary care has ever told you to get a sleep study done, this is where you want to go. No medications, no surgery, no machines.
Tracy M.
I’ve struggled with sleep for many years and wasn’t getting anywhere with typical sleep remedies/hygiene recommendations. I was recommended to Dr. Goles by a functional medicine physician, and I could not be more grateful. Dr. Goles and his team are absolutely wonderful. He is very thorough in his exam but more importantly in establishing an individualized treatment plan. It is clear they foster a culture of genuine compassion and care for their patients. They are extremely accommodating even after I moved to another state. 100% recommend!
Richard H.
I began treatment with Dr. Goles a few months ago, and after many years of seeing many doctors for issues with sleep and tmj pain, i am kicking myself for not finding him sooner. The first night sleeping with my Vivos appliance, i didnt expect too much. But it was truthfully the best nights sleep i've had in YEARS. After a month, i'm sleeping great every night, i wake up refreshed, my mood is better, and my tmj discomfort is greatly reduced because i'm grinding/clenching way less. His treatment plan is comprehensive and customized to my experience, and he is INCREDIBLY thorough. I recall he spent over and hour with me at my first appointment explaining everything about my test results, what it all meant, how he wanted to approach treating each issue, and why that treatment approach would work. I had some reservations at first since everything i had tried so far hadn't helped. But i am beyond satisfied with the results already. Saying this as someone who has seen at least a dozen doctors/specialists over the years, don't bother going anywhere else if you're having sleep/tmj issues. This is the guy right here.
Brandon S.
The team here is beyond exceptional. I honestly could not give the Breathing and Sleep Center higher ratings - on a scale of 1 to 5....they're a 10! Dr's Erlander and Goles are not only above board as professionals on their patient treatment, with innovative care and attention to detail, they are some of the most personable and empathetic doctors by whom my family and I have been treated. These gentlemen are on the cutting edge of breathing and sleep treatment and related issues, so much so that doctors from all over the United States are seeking them out for their expertise. Beyond them, their office team is truly the friendliest, warmest, and most hospitable group that makes you feel right at home every time you walk through the door, as if you were family, not just a patient.On a personal level, I have been a patient for many years. I had sleep apnea, severe snoring, a narrow bite and slightly crooked teeth, extreme difficulty with nasal breathing, daytime exhaustion, and attention issues. With this team's expert care, I have been virtually cured of sleep apnea, snoring is down to minimal occurrences, my nasal passages have opened tremendously allowing me to breath, my daytime exhaustion and attention issues have virtually disappeared, my bite has opened up and aligned properly, and my teeth are straighter than ever. Not only that, but Dr. Erlander has so graciously worked with me through job changes and financial shortfalls to ensure that my family and I continued to receive the care we needed without interruption. There is no other place that I could imagine going for mine and my family's care.
Brad & Cari G.
Fantastic experience. Chrissy, Brandi, Dr. Goles, and everyone else here have absolutely exceeded my every expectation. I became a patient in hopes of addressing sleep apnea and headaches. The full package of services offered by Dr. Goles (including Vivos and myofunctional therapy) provided complete resolution to my symptoms without any surgeries or obnoxious sleep contraptions. Dr. Goles is a true expert in his field and offers a unique and effective solution. Highly recommend for anyone seeking better sleep and improved airway.
The staff here is amazing and the doctors are very knowledgeable. We went in for a consult a couple of months ago and I was blown away at the time that was spent and level of detail in which the doctor went over our diagnostic tests. Love the home sleep tests and treatment options. Highly recommend!
Kimberly R.
Dr Goles and Urlander are both extremely educated on sleep and how expanding the airway is much more effective than getting braces or nay orthodontic treatment. You will never consider braces again if you go here! 100% recommend!
Jack B.
Had a great experience with Dr Goles and the team at The Breathing and Sleep Center. Getting great sleep can take a lot of different paths and going to the Center was a game changer for me. Thank you.
My son and I began care at the Breathing and Sleep Center in the summer of 2022 and have nothing but positive things to say. After many years of my son struggling with poor sleep quality and his mental health, I came across Breathing and Sleep Center and discovered he has a majorly restricted airway. I also have a restricted airway and TMJ. So we both began treatment a few months ago and are already seeing great improvements. Widening my jaw is allowing my bite to be more even, which, in and of itself has significantly decreased my TMJ issue that was coming from my teeth only making contact on one side. I noticed within days of treatment that my son was already sleeping better, which has boosted his overall mood and mental health. I'm still in the beginning stages of my treatment and my son is only about halfway through his. So I am so eager to see how much more improvement we have in months to come! The staff is also phenomenal! We primarily interact with Chrissy, Brandi and Dr. Goles and they have made our entire experience. This office is one of only two medical offices I've ever been to where everyone is very warm and friendly. Every time we come in and every interaction we have is so positive. They genuinely care about their patients and you will feel that as soon as you walk in the door. I cannot recommend this place enough. I chose them based off their reviews, and was not disappointed. There's a reason they have so many 5 stars!
Sherry B.
After years of fatigue and constantly tired and sleepy, I was referred to Dr Goles for a consult. I did have a prior sleep study that showed severe sleep apnea. I was to the point of feeling like I would not live long because of the tiredness all the time. I was really bad. Once I had my consult and decided to try the Vivos and everything Dr. Goles had to offer, it was a miracle. Not long after starting treatment and getting my appliance, I was sleeping so much better!! I am only 5 months into it and I know that my life will never be the same. I don't feel like garbage in the morning and have so much more energy to do the things I have wanted to do. I did not realize that the apnea was so bad that I felt awful all the time. Instead of a typical CPAP, which I did not want, I started the journey and am never looking back. If you have sleep issues at all that hinder your day to day life, I highly recommend Dr. Goles and his team. This is the best money I have invested in my life. Also, for my life. Go see him today and you will see results. Thank you Dr.Goles for helping me feel alive. Sherry
Becky H.
I have and take medication for asthma and use CPAP for severe sleep apnea. I accepted that labored breathing is just the way it is. After being referred to Dr. Goles for alternatives to CPAP, he found that I have extremely narrow airways. Through his treatments and plan he put in place I can breath! My airways are so open! Dr. Goles has given me a quality of life I didn't know was possible.To Dr. Goles and his amazing staff, THANK YOU!!!
Jesse W.
I had no idea how bad I was actually sleeping until going and seeing Dr. Goles. I didn’t realize that my sleep apnea was related to having braces as a kid, mouth breathing and swallowing incorrectly. I am almost through treatment and feel great. I got my daughter in and within 6 months her mouth was expanded to a distance wider than mine. She will start therapy soon for her bad swallowing habits and will finish off with a Invisalign type tray. She sleeps better, wakes up easier in the morning. I was so glad I took her in at 8 years old instead of waiting. It looks like she will not have to get any teeth pulled and will have room for her tongue.
Haley E.
Dr. Erlander took the time to hear my concerns and thoroughly addressed my questions. He walked me through a plan of action/options and explained his reasoning behind it. I didn't feel rushed during my visit and was confident in his expertise. My whole experience with the Breathing and Sleep Center from the front desk with Chrissy and Brandi to Dr. Erlander was nothing but a positive one. They genuinely care about your well-being and will take the time to understand your situation. Highly recommend!!!
Mark C.
The place was very clean! The doctor, and the staff were very friendly and personable, educational, and informative! You can really tell that they care about people, and love what they do!
Jon U.
Our kids are seeing Dr. Goles and his team and we are absolutely thrilled with the results we are getting. We have been working with the Breathing and Sleep Center since August and it is amazing to see how fast these little mouths can adapt and grow the way they are supposed to! The whole team is so kind and helpful and GREAT with kids! Thank you Dr. Goles and staff!
Chris H.
My wife, Destiny, was struggling with sleep apnea and the CPAP mask was really hard for her to use. We started looking for alternatives to the mask and found Dr. Goles and his amazing staff. I called them in desperation trying to find her help and they put us on a cancellation list and thankfully they called us back that day for a appointment within a few days. They have been amazing from the first time that we visited the office and the care has been beyond amazing! We were offered treatment with the Vivos and Nightlase, which has already helped her so much. We are now moving in a much better direction because of Dr. Goles and his suggestions. We are very thankful that God put Dr. Goles and his team in our lives. Each time we visit the office we feel that they truly care about her and our family. They all truly care about their patients and show great compassion. We would suggest Breathing and Sleep Center to anyone and know that they would be given the best care!
Clayton L.
Great service and awesome hockey talk!
Wyatt G.
If you are looking for a sleep clinic, this is the one to go to! This office will provide you with the highest quality of care, you can really tell that all the staff genuinely care about your health and want the best outcomes for you. Dr. Erlander is amazing. Everyone at this office is delightful and they really take the time to make sure you understand everything and have explored all options available to you. Brandi went above and beyond to help us figure out financing. Chrissy always provides top notch customer service and works appointments around our schedules. Gina does a fantastic job of keeping things running efficiently and smoothly, and was very accommodating of my wife’s medical anxiety. 10/10, I cannot recommend them high enough!
Jan W.
Absolutely pleased with Dr Goles and the entire staff. I have had my appliance for almost 2 years and the results are amazing.
Peter L.
The team @ Hollowbrook Breathing and sleep Center are fantastic! They are always friendly, always on top of scheduling and following up with patients.The members of the billing and finance team know the ins and outs of dealing with lenders and with insurance companies.They were very transparent and were strong advocates for me in ensuring the insurance company reimbursed the right amount.
Jeff and Amy W.
The Breathing and Sleep Center staff and doctors are awesome! Through their expertise they basically helped me eliminate my sleep apnea and now I'm sleeping better and am feeling much less anxious. THANKS!!!!
Jennifer A.
Clifton J. (LNG-CSP) P.
RESULTS. That is what you'll get at the Breathing and Sleep Center.Any review really comes down to that and I can wholeheartedly endorse the Breathing and Sleep Center as a great place to go for help.I sought them out for help with my snoring, something that has plagued me for years. When I read about the Nightlase treatment, I thought it was worth looking into and went for the free consultation. That consultation was provided by Dr. Goles and was done very professionally and thoroughly. Despite being free, it was not rushed at all - the doctor provided a lot of good information and took time to answer all of my many questions patiently and to my satisfaction. I was given a number of options with a good understanding of the pros and cons of each.From there, I decided to pursue the Nightlase treatment. There was absolutely no pressure from anyone for me to do this and that was much appreciated.The results have been very good. My snoring is greatly reduced and my wife, the one who has suffered the most, is very happy.Every time I went for an appointment, I felt welcome. Gina, Tammy, and Dr. Goles were all efficient, professional, very skilled, and on top of all that, some of the nicest people you could ever meet.I should also note that I never had to wait long at my appointments - the staff was excellent at getting my treatments started on time. No sitting around looking at my watch wondering what is keeping them (a problem at many other doctor’s offices I have been to).All in all, I have nothing but positive things to say for the good folks at the Breathing and Sleep Center. They are a wonderful group doing great and effective work. I am glad I found them.
John C.
I think everyone that has any sleep issues should come in for a consultation. You’ll learn why it’s so important to address the issue at its root, and also how impactful sleep or lack there of can be to your life
Tyler P.
Trailblazers! Huge thank you to Kevin Goles and the staff at the center — on top of reversing my sleep apnea using their cutting edge technology, they have been so thoughtful, proactive, and always bring a smile. After just a few months of laser therapy, I eliminated using my CPAP! In another half year, I expect to eliminate EVER needing laser, CPAP, or other therapy when we finish growing my underdeveloped upper jaw, permanently expanding my airway using Vivos. As a professional pilot, with the need to ensure good sleep and fly safe, my life has become a LOT easier. Thank you to the whole team!

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