Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs

Mark Wuilliez | Associate Operations Manager

Where does your passion for the breathing and sleep industry come from?
I really believe that health is wealth. Being able to breathe and rest is a fundamental part of that.  Having the opportunity to help patients achieve this goal is very rewarding to me!

How many years have been in the industry? 
I’ve been in dental sleep medicine for less than a year.

What do you love most in your work?   
I love seeing patients achieve results through our non-surgical treatments and when patients recommend their friends and family, I know what we’re doing truly works!

When did you start with the Breathing and Sleep Center? 
April 2024!

What makes Breathing and Sleep Center different?
The individuals who make up the team at Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs really enjoy what they do and have fun doing it! This makes “work” a great place to be!

What do you like to do for fun?
I love spending time outdoors hiking and mountain biking in beautiful Colorado with my wife, incredible son, friends, and our crazy dog, Spry Pretzel!

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