Dr. Lee Smith, DDS, ASBA, Diplomate, Colorado Springs

Meet Dr. Lee Smith DDS, Diplomate, ASBA

Dr. Lee Smith is one of the managing doctors at the Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs.  He sees patients daily to diagnose and facilitate treatment for patients that have been diagnosed with sleep breathing disorders, which can disrupt growth patterns and cause functional problems in children, prescribing appropriate treatments to correct and reverse the effects.  
Lee Smith’s interest in sleep apnea stems from his own family members’ diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing. The potential that patients have once they are sleeping and breathing better is life changing for many.  Many have stated that they feel like they are ALIVE for the first time.  To be able to help these people live longer healthier lives is an amazing feeling.  To give grandparents the chance to see more of their grandkids’ birthday parties is a huge motivator for Dr. Smith.  
Bachelor of Science, Biology; Regis College 1990 
Doctorate of Dental Surgery 1994; University of Colorado Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry
I have observed first-hand the problems and consequences of sleep disordered breathing.  I have also been blessed to witness the results of correcting and managing sleep problems.  And now, to be able to correct these problems from a very young age; THAT is worth springing out of bed for, every day!
Dr. Lee Smith, DDS, ASBA, Diplomate, Colorado Springs

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