Dr. Kevin Goles, DDS, ASBA, Diplomate, Colorado Springs

Meet Dr. Kevin Goles DDS, Diplomate, ASBA

Dr. Kevin Goles has been immersed in dental sleep medicine since the beginning of his career and is recognized as an expert in the field. He focused his research during his dental residency on Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the substantial negative effects it can have on one’s health and quality of life. That foundation then morphed into training under Vivos to start addressing the root causes of sleep apnea by permanently growing the airway with non-surgical interventions. He has become one the most experienced clinicians with Vivos by starting and completing the most cases in the country. He is a Vivos Clinical Advisor and teaches many doctors throughout the country in the field of Sleep Dentistry. 

Dr. Goles understands that each individual patient has their own individual needs. He utilizes many other treatment modalities aside from Vivos to maximize success for each patient. With his vast experience, he has become a Key Opinion Leader for Candid clear aligners for airway-friendly orthodontics focusing on expansion. 

Another field he has vast experience in is the use of lasers in Sleep Dentistry and TMJ disorders. He is a Clinical Instructor for Fotona Medical Lasers as he has completed thousands of Nightlase treatments. He travels the country and internationally to teach other dental offices on the techniques and use of the Fotona Lightwalker

Dr. Goles continues to expand his expertise in sleep disordered breathing as he has become a Breathe Institute ambassador, focusing on functionality of the tongue and orofacial muscles to help maintain the airway. With all of the experience and knowledge he has in the field, he has become a Diplomate with the American Board of Sleep and Breathing.  

Dr. Goles was born and raised in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area of northern Nevada. He spent the first half of undergraduate education playing collegiate golf in Miami, FL. He then returned home to finish his Biology degree at University of Nevada-Reno. Kevin received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the prestigious University of Michigan School of Dentistry. He continued his education with an advanced dental residency at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington while serving in the United States Army.

 “One of the biggest appeals to the sleep apnea realm is finding and treating conditions that not only negatively affect teeth, but our overall health and quality of life. It was easy to become so passionate in this field since so many dental and health conditions have been directly linked to a compromised airway and the inability to breathe and sleep.”

University of Michigan has ranked as the #1 dental school for the last 7 years under multiple ranking systems.

Dr. Kevin Goles, DDS, ASBA, Diplomate, Colorado Springs

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