Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs

Meet Dr. Jessika Martin DDS

Dr. Jessika has worked in dentistry since 1997. Her journey began as an orthodontic assistant, then a dental hygienist, dentist, myofunctional therapist and tongue tie specialist. She finds nothing more fulfilling than helping others improve their quality of life.  

Dr. Jessika believes to achieve a great orthodontic outcome we need to address the root cause, not just straighten crooked teeth. A beautiful smile starts with how we breathe, what we eat and where our tongue rests in our mouth. She is excited to help you address the foundation, eliminate dysfunction and maximize your growth potential while improving your smile and overall wellness. It is never too early or too late.  

Areas of special interest for Dr. Jessika includes expert treatment of oral restrictions (tongue/lip/cheek ties), proper function and balance of oral musculature, nasal breathing, sleep and whole-body health.  

When away from the office Dr. Jessika enjoys camping, concerts, traveling, reading, learning and time with her family.  

Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs