Meet Dr. Jeremy Williams DMD

Dr. Jeremy Williams is a passionate advocate for improving the lives of children and adults through dental medicine, particularly in the realm of sleep-related breathing disorders. Graduating from Roseman University of Health Sciences in 2017 with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine, Dr. Williams embarked on a journey to enhance his skills and knowledge in this specialized field, initially searching for solutions for himself and his family.

Driven by a commitment to helping patients breathe, sleep, and ultimately feel better, Dr. Williams takes a comprehensive, integrative, and functional approach to treat the root causes of their problems. To ensure he provides the highest quality care to his patients, Dr. Williams pursued additional education and training with leading institutions in the field. His collaboration with Airway Health Solutions equipped him with the necessary tools to guide the growth of jaws in both children and adults, thereby improving their ability to breathe properly through the nose.Further honing his expertise, Dr. Williams underwent training with The Breathe Institute, where he focused on evaluating the tongue’s crucial role in sleep-related breathing disorders. This included assessing factors such as tongue space, tone, and ties, allowing him to offer tailored solutions to his patients. Recognizing the importance of holistic approaches to breathing and health, Dr. Williams sought certification from Patrick McKeown as a Buteyko Breathing Instructor. This certification enables him to effectively treat patients seeking to overcome the effects of mouth breathing, thereby enhancing their overall well-being.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a genuine concern for his patients’ welfare, Dr. Jeremy Williams continues to make a meaningful impact in the field of dental medicine, particularly in the realm of sleep-related breathing disorders. Through his integrative approach and dedication to ongoing learning, he strives to empower individuals to breathe better, sleep better, and ultimately live better lives.

In his free time, Dr. Williams finds joy in outdoor adventures, particularly rock climbing with his fiancée, scrambling around the Flatirons, canyoneering in the desert, and backpacking anywhere. This love for exploration and experiencing the natural world fuels his passion for life and enriches his holistic approach to health and well-being. With a steadfast commitment to excellence in both his professional and personal pursuits, Dr. Jeremy Williams continues to inspire others to live their best lives.

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