Chrissy Sherer | Associate Operations Manager

Where does your passion for breathing and sleeping come from?

My passion to help others with sleep apnea came from my own family, primarily on my Father’s side. Growing up, my Dad struggled with sleep apnea and used a CPAP machine, I learned first hand how uncomfortable and difficult it was for him and also the rest of my family. I also struggle with sleep apnea and am currently undergoing treatment myself.  After learning from Dr. Goles & Dr. Erlander about the preventative and alternative options for sleep apnea, breathing and airway complications; it excites me to share this knowledge with everyone undergoing difficulties with sleep and breathing issues. 

How many years have been in the industry?
I have been in operations management for eight years, and just joined the Breathing and Sleep Center team this past April.

What do you love most or what is most rewarding in your work?
My favorite thing about working at the Breathing and Sleep Center is our holistic approach to solving sleep apnea, breathing and airway issues by addressing the root cause. As a team, we all strive to create the best experience and successful outcome for our patients during treatment. We are constantly learning new approaches and keeping up with technology to improve our patient’s quality of life. It is overwhelmingly rewarding to see such positive changes in our patients throughout treatment, and I am very grateful to be a part of such life changing opportunities. 

What makes Breathing and Sleep Center different?
The Breathing and Sleep Center sets a high bar for all sleep apnea, breathing and airway facilities. Not only do our doctors have some of the highest successful case ratings in the US, but they are constantly improving as new knowledge and equipment come into play. The customer service experience is also high on their agenda, allowing all our patients to be treated like family. 

What do you like to do for fun?
Being a Colorado native, I enjoy spending my time in our beautiful Colorado mountains fishing, hiking, skiing and enjoying the great outdoors. You can also find me on a nearby tennis court or spending a day boating on the lake.