Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs

Brandi Norum | Patient Relations Coordinator

Where does your passion for the breathing and sleep industry come from?
My passion for breathing and sleep comes from my studies in the Psychology field. There is such a link between sleep and mental health. It is so important to not only get enough sleep each night, but to get quality sleep each night.

How many years have you been in the industry?
This is my first year in the breathing and sleep industry and I am so excited for the years to come!

What do you love most or what is most rewarding in your work?
What I find most rewarding about the work that I do at the Breathing and Sleep Center is being able to get people through our doors that are really looking for a change in their sleeping patterns. After some time, we see their mood improving and their quality of sleep increasing. They change into completely new people in the best way possible.

When did you start with the Breathing and Sleep Center?
I started with the Breathing and Sleep Center in June of 2023

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to spend time with my dogs, boyfriend, and friends (in that order) in my free time. I also like to go camping and play beach volleyball in the summer, and snowboard in the winter.

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