Myofunctional Therapy Exercises | Session 16

Tube Chew

  • Tongue on spot
  • Gently start with 30 seconds
  • work up to 2 minutes¬†
  • 3x/day

Wafer Slide

  • Use therabite wafer
  • Slowly slide lower jaw forward
  • Start with 10x
  • work up to 30x
  • 3x/day


  • Tongue under upper lip
  • hold and count to 10
  • 10x 3x/day


  • Puff out air into each quadrant (cheeks, upper lip, lower lip)
  • Use hand if needed to shape pressure placement
  • Count to 5 on all four sides
  • 5x 3x/day

Elastic Band to the Spot

  • Freeway space
  • 30 minutes 1x/day

Rules Regarding Habits:

  • Hands away from your face
  • No Large Bites, ie Big Sandwiches
  • All exercises should be done relaxed with minimal to no pain. Exercises should not hurt. If in pain STOP doing that exercise.

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