We Are Veteran-Owned and Operated and Proudly Offer Our Veterans Nexus Letters for Breathing and Sleep Disorders.

What is a Nexus Letter?  A Nexus Letter is an evidence-based document, specifically for veterans, prepared by a qualified, licensed and credible medical expert.

The sole purpose of a Nexus Letter is to ensure that as a veteran, you are able to claim and maximize your military benefits. Our number one priority is to show a connection between a veteran’s current medical disability / medical condition, and one (or more) events that occurred during your time of service. 

Secure Your VA Disability Benefits with the Help of a Qualified and Credible Medical Expert.

We offer convenient, comfortable and easy to use at-home sleep tests.

At Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs, we have our own board-certified sleep physician who will provide you with an obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis through our state-of-the-art home sleep tests. 
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What You Will Need and Questions to Ask Yourself Before We Can Start:

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