We Are Veteran-Owned and Operated and Proudly Offer Our Veterans Nexus Letters for Breathing and Sleep Disorders.

Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs
What is a Nexus Letter?  A Nexus Letter is an evidence-based document, specifically for veterans, prepared by a qualified, licensed and credible medical expert. 

The sole purpose of a Nexus Letter is to ensure that as a veteran, you are able to claim and maximize your military benefits. Our number one priority is to show a connection between a veteran’s current medical disability/condition and one (or more) events that occurred during your time of service. 

Secure Your VA Disability Benefits with the Help of a Qualified and Credible Medical Expert.

We offer convenient, comfortable and easy to use at-home sleep tests.

At Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs, we have our own board-certified sleep physician who can provide obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis using our state-of-the-art home sleep tests. 
WatchPAT - What is a Home Sleep Test

So, what do I need to get started?

Step 1
Collect & Upload your Documents: VA Award Letter, Any and All prior sleep studies, Tell us more about how you are currently feeling and how it is service related. Years of Active Service (2000-2018)
Step 2
Now that you have your documents collected, you are ready!! Please submit your documents and form below.
Step 3
Now it's our turn! Now that we have your documents, we are close to ready. Our team will review your documents and determine next steps. We will reach out to you within the same business week.

What You Will Need and Questions to Ask Yourself Before We Can Start:

Were you diagnosed with any of the following?

I Have Everything I Need!

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