Hyperactivity & ADD/ADHD | Symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing

Are you concerned about your child's hyperactivity?

Your child’s hyperactivity and inability to focus might be a direct result of their lack of quality sleep.  Contrary to what parents think a tired child’s behavior would be: lethargic and a lack of energy, they actually become hyper when they are very tired. 

When a child does not have restful, deep sleep every night, it begins to accumulate, and the hyperactive behavior often becomes a regular behavior. 

Hyperactivity affects multiple aspects of a child’s life: 

  • At school, they can’t focus and learn.
  • At home, they might be more prone to roller-coaster behavior or aggression.
  • In both environments, they struggle to sit still or pay attention long enough to absorb important information.

When we observe these behaviors in our children, we seek help, and frequently our children receive a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. 

At the Breathing and Sleep Center we evaluate children for sleep disordered breathing, which may be the root cause of your child’s lack of quality sleep and hyperactive behavior.  Contact us to learn more or register for our next sleep seminar.

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