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Find out if you have Sleep Apnea

Until recently, your sleep study option, to diagnose sleep apnea, was an overnight stay in a hospital, tied to wires and machines.  This does not sound like a good night’s sleep even without sleep apnea.  

At the Breathing and Sleep Center, we offer a home sleep test to diagnose sleep apnea and its severity.

 A home sleep test allows you to test yourself for sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home.   


With only 3 points of contact our home sleep test measures 7 channels: Heart Rate, Chest Movement Snoring, Body Position, Oxygen Saturation and Peripheral Arterial (PAT) Signal.  The measurements from these channels give us insight into sleep efficiency, sleep latency and REM latency.  

Find out if you have sleep apnea by following these few easy steps: 

  1. Take our Home Sleep Test, in the comfort of your own bed.  Only 3 points of contact! 
  2. Return the Home Sleep Test Device and schedule your next appointment to review your results. 
  3. Meet with your Doctor to hear your Sleep Test Results and discuss next steps and the best treatment plan for you.  

Home Sleep Test vs Hospital Sleep Study

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