Crooked or Crowded Teeth | Symptoms of Underdeveloped Jaws

Do you or a loved one have crooked or crowded teeth?

The most common treatment for crowded and crooked teeth is realignment devices, such as braces or clear alignment trays. However, sometimes the issue goes beyond the teeth and is actually the result of underdeveloped jaws. 

When the jaws are not fully developed, there is generally insufficient space for all 32 adult teeth, causing the teeth to crowd and become misaligned. It is common practice to remove the wisdom teeth and sometimes the bicuspids to make room for the remaining teeth.  The orthodontic devices then align the teeth, typically pushing them back towards the airway. 

Recent advances in dentistry and technology have given us a new perspective on aligning teeth.  At the Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs we have the unique opportunity to evaluate the patients’ entire cranial structure, to include teeth, jaws and airway.  We identify the root cause of a patient’s crooked or crowded teeth and provide treatment to resolve these concerns permanently.  Our non-surgical treatment grows the jaws, providing space for the adult teeth, eliminating crowding and perhaps even straightening the teeth without the need for additional orthodontic treatment.

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