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Do You Suffer from Chronic Allergies?​

Seasonal allergies are often considered to be a normal part of life that can only be treated with a daily pill, shots, or nose spray. Many times, though, seasonal allergies are a result of improper breathing. Proper breathing is through the nose, which filters and humidifies the air you are breathing in.  This filtration process protects your respiratory system, decreasing and preventing airway and lung inflammation, ultimately decreasing the incidents of allergies. 

Asthma is another symptom of poor nasal breathing. Both adults and children experience asthma, or a form of exercise-induced asthma. Without the filtered air through the nose, the lungs become inflamed which makes breathing difficult, and often results in the diagnosis of asthma.  

Mouth breathing is most prevalent when we sleep, often caused by a restricted airway or obstructive sleep apnea. This makes it is difficult to breathe through the nose and the body compensates by mouth breathing. When you add allergies, that leave your nose stuffy and more difficult to breathe through your nose, this cycle is perpetuated, and you experience prolonged discomfort.

Inflammation of the respiratory system is a painful problem. Once you create the habit of mouth breathing, your body will not automatically default to nasal breathing just by opening up the nasal passage. That’s why orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT) is such an important and integral part of the treatments we provide at Breathing and Sleep Center. 

At the Breathing and Sleep Center we can improve nose breathing and open your airway.  We see that our patients suffer less from allergies and asthma when they are able to breathe through their nose.  

Let us help you treat the root cause of your allergies or asthma.  Contact us today to learn more or register for our next educational seminar.  

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