Nexus Letters for Sleep Apnea

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A nexus letter, also referred to as an IMO (Independent Medical Opinion) letter, is a letter that is written by a medical expert linking a disability. This letter can give your disability claim the credibility it needs to be approved the first time by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. It should be written by a medical provider that is familiar with your illness/injury and medical history and should state whether your military service may have caused or contributed to your condition.

If you have sleep apnea and you need a nexus letter to submit with your disability claim, schedule your consultation with the Breathing and Sleep Center in Colorado Springs. We can diagnose and treat your sleep-disordered breathing condition and help you prove to the VA that your condition could be related to your military service.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which you stop breathing during the night. This is often characterized by snoring, restlessness while sleeping, fatigue during the day, headaches, a constant need to go to the bathroom throughout the night, and more.

If you were diagnosed with this condition while you were in the military, you may have an easier time proving the connection between it and your service. However, in most cases, this is a secondary claim, and you may need a nexus letter to prove the connection.

Steps for Getting a Nexus Letter

Every year, the VA rejects approximately 30% of disability claims. This can be frustrating, especially since they typically are not clear on the reasons for their rejection. However, if you have a nexus letter, your chances of approval are significantly improved.

First of all, you will need to find a medical provider that is familiar with writing nexus letters, such as the team at Breathing and Sleep Center. They will need to examine you, and, in the case of a sleep apnea nexus letter, you will need to undergo a sleep study. They will also need to have access to your medical and service history.

Once your records have been reviewed and you have undergone a sleep study, the provider can write the letter. They will need to be familiar with the specific keywords that the VA looks for in these letters. This will make the difference between your claim being accepted or rejected.

You can submit a nexus letter with your original application for compensation or an appeal after your claim has been rejected. However, before you submit the letter, you’ll want to review it to make sure that it meets these standards:

  • Complete, focusing on facts/conclusions
  • Medical provider is certified in sleep apnea
  • Opinion doesn’t have to be that the condition is “absolutely” related to service, but should be at least “likely”
  • Reference your most recent exam

How Can a Nexus Letter Help Me?

The VA rejects approximately 30% of disability claims each year. However, a nexus letter can prove that your disability is related to your military service, which will increase your chances of your claim being approved the first time. If you need a nexus letter, schedule your sleep apnea consultation with the Breathing and Sleep Center in Colorado Springs today. Our team has the experience and expertise to write a nexus letter to help you with your VA disability claim.


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