Why Better Sleep Should be Part of Your Resolutions

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From working out more to quarreling less, all sorts of New Year’s resolutions might be in play for you in 2023. But whatever is on your New Year’s resolution list, achieving better sleep will make your other goals more realistic. In this article, you’ll learn why.

Improved Work Performance

If one of your 2023 aspirations is to boost your career, sleep can be your best friend. That’s because quality sleep improves workers’ performance and makes motivation less likely to fade throughout the day. 

Some people find that work stressors directly impact their ability to sleep. That may create a loop in which bad sleep contributes to poor work performance and vice versa. Should that apply to your situation, consider seeking schedule changes that make it easier to get enough sleep. Also keep in mind that sacrificing sleep to work longer hours is often counterproductive.

Easier Workouts

Does improved physical fitness appear on your list of goals for 2023? In that case, better sleep should appear on your list, too. Some studies have posited that people with inadequate rest are less likely to exercise. Therefore, waking up well rested will likely make it easier for you to pursue fitness-related goals. That’s true whether they involve hitting the gym or taking a hike in a scenic area like Colorado Springs.

Better Interactions with Others

When problems like sleep apnea reduce the quality of a person’s rest, those around them may feel the impact, too. Researchers have found that a bad night’s sleep makes myriad facets of getting along with people harder. Others’ emotions become more inscrutable, one’s own emotions become more unmanageable, and conflict resolution moves farther out of reach.

Fortunately, tackling problems like sleep-disordered breathing to boost your rest can improve interactions with the people in your life. Consequently, if building better relationships is on your roster  of 2023 to-dos, consider adding improving your sleep to the list.

Improved Health

One of the best resolutions anyone can make is to work toward better overall health. Sleep is the backbone of those efforts. For instance, raising your sleep quality may improve your immune system’s functioning and blood sugar regulation. Sleep also improves decision-making, so with more adequate rest, you’ll be likelier to choose healthy options.

Getting Started

Many different behavioral and environmental changes can increase your sleep quality. To find the best approach for you, an appointment with a professional may help. Sleep doctors can advise you on current problems and potential solutions, setting you up for a more restful 2023.


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