How does Myofunctional Therapy help with Sleep Apnea?

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Myofunctional Therapy, or OMT, is intended to correct jaw alignment and underdevelopment, which can inhibit breathing and be quite painful for many. OMT has also been effective at treating other disorders related to the jaw, lips, or tongue, and that could impede normal, everyday activities, like chewing and sleep.  

So, how does Myofunctional Therapy help with Sleep Apnea? Here’s what you should know: 

What is OMT? 

OMT, or Myofunctional therapy, aims to target and treat issues affecting the jaw and other Temporomandibular disorders, or TMD. Some treatment modalities typically include exercises, therapeutic interventions, and aids, like oral appliances that correct the position of the jaw, lip, or tongue to improve movement, speech, comfort, and bite. The aim here is neuromuscular re-education and optimal function. 

Does OMT Help Sleep Apnea?  

OMT has been shown effective for treating underlying causes of Sleep Apnea, and other sleep disordered breathing conditions, like snoring. Sleep Apnea can be serious and could cause you to stop breathing repeatedly when you are asleep. The results? You snore loudly and wake feeling unrested and tired. Many people have Sleep Apnea and do not even know it! The best way to diagnose your Sleep Apnea is to seek out Sleep Doctors in Colorado Springs for further assessment.  

Some of the symptoms and signs of Sleep Apnea are:   

  • Snoring 
  • Periods where you stop breathing during sleep, according to other people 
  • Gasping during sleep 
  • Dry mouth upon waking 
  • Headaches in the morning 
  • Insomnia 
  • Hypersomnia 
  • Difficulty with focus and concentration 
  • Mood irritability   
If you have a snoring issue, or if you find that you frequently wake feeling tired, cranky, or unrested, talk to your doctor to find out if you could have Sleep Apnea- or other sleep disordered breathing condition. 

OMT Treatment in Colorado Springs 

At Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs, our goal is to diagnose and treat breathing and sleep disorders that are caused by underdeveloped jaws. We are specially trained and offer non-surgical approaches to improve sleep- and quality of life, too. We provide further information through Patient Education Meetings- and offer an online quiz to find out if you suffer from Sleep Apnea.  

Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea? Myofunctional therapy may help; call or visit us to learn more! 

If you suffer from Sleep Apnea- or other sleep breathing disorders- we can help. Call or visit us at the Breathing and Sleep Center to determine if OMT makes sense for you.  


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