Millions of CPAP Machines Recalled

CPAP Machine

Recent CPAP Recall 

In June of 2021, one of the biggest manufacturers of CPAP machines, the Philips corporation, issued a recall for its Dreamstation model, citing potential health risks posed by the sound abatement foam used in the machines. CPAP devices are used to provide unobstructed breathing during the sleeping hours for those suffering from sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing. This CPAP recall affects all first-generation Dreamstation machines but does not include the Dreamstation 2 models.

The health risk 

Philips determined via its own testing that the health risk existed, because there is a possibility that the foam used to muffle the machine’s sound has the potential to degrade into tiny particles. These particles might then enter into the air pathway of the machine, and then be inhaled by any user of the machine. The company recommends that all owners of the original Dreamstation product either discontinue using the product or submit it for re-outfitting with a new foam product. 

Headaches and respiratory issues are among the possible results to users who ingest the foam particles. There are also certain chemicals which may be released during the foam degradation process, and these should be avoided as well. Anyone operating their sleep disorder machine in an environment which is routinely hot or humid may find that the foam deterioration process is exacerbated. This degradation can also be accelerated by using cleaning methods which are not approved by the manufacturer.

A CPAP alternative 

People who have trouble sleeping have an alternative to using CPAP machines, and that is to contact the Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs. The specialty of this clinic is to diagnose and treat patients who are suffering from sleep disorders caused by underdeveloped jaws. The center is staffed by a group of highly experienced and well-trained dentists who can provide non-surgical treatments that help patients restore normal sleep patterns and improve their quality of life. 

Once a diagnosis has been obtained, the team will work with patients individually to prepare a customized treatment plan. Since every patient has different needs, each treatment plan is different, but all will help an individual regain the quality of restful sleep. As opposed to using a CPAP machine indefinitely (which is more or less a band-aid for the problem), treatment at the Breathing and Sleep Center may be able to solve your issue entirely. We recommend use of an oral device which actually works to expand your airway, and after using this for a period of time, you may be able to have completely restful sleep, without using the device at all.
If you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, have been prescribed to use a CPAP machine or suffer from poor sleep, snoring or wake gasping for air, contact us at the Breathing and Sleep Center to learn more about your options and an alternative to CPAP machines.  


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