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Sleep Well.


We host regular meetings to educate patients on the appliances, technology and procedures we offer with the goal of improving your life.

It is possible to achieve restful sleep.

At Breathing and Sleep Center of Colorado Springs, we diagnose and treat breathing and sleep disorders caused by airway restriction due to underdeveloped jaws.  Our team of trained, experienced dentists offer non-surgical treatments that allow our patients to restore and regain their sleep and quality of life.

We begin by identifying the underlying cause(s) of your breathing and sleep-related issues and then outline your treatment plan. All patients’ needs vary, which is why we customize each treatment plan to fit your specific diagnosis. Our first step is to have you visit our center and attend one of our Patient Education Meetings to learn more about your options. Call Today or Submit a Form!

Your Path to better sleep and longer life.

Be Informed with Our Patient Education Meetings

Be Informed

We identify the common symptoms we treat and help you understand your options for treatment.

Breathing and Sleep Center Screening Process


Meet with our doctors, complete your scans and screening, and evaluate your specific treatment needs.

Breathing and Sleep Center Medical and Dental Insurance


While you are meeting with our doctors, we collect your medical and dental insurance to research your options.

Breathing and Sleep Center Home Sleep Test

Home Sleep Test

We provide you with a Sleep Test device to use in the comfort of your own home.

Breathing and Sleep Center Consultation Followup

Consultation Followup

We review the results of your Home Sleep Test and identify next steps for ordering your appliance.

Breathing and Sleep Center Appliance Therapy

Order Appliance

We take all of the information gathered from your HST, medical history and airway test to customize your unique appliance


Dr. Eric Erlander, DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM

Dr. Eric Erlander

DDS, Diplomate, ABDSM
Dr. Lee Smith, DDS, ASBA, Diplomate, Colorado Springs

Dr. Lee Smith

DDS, Diplomate, ASBA
Dr. Kevin Goles, DDS, ASBA, Diplomate, Colorado Springs

Dr. Kevin Goles

DDS, Diplomate, ASBA

Your truth at this point:  “There is nothing you can do to control interrupted, restless sleep.” That simply is not the true or fair. You have questions.  We have the knowledge, experience and commitment to change your truth.

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